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Welcome to, a source of information about douches and enemas, anal douche and vaginal douche as well how to do it, why you should do it, and a shop of related products to buy them from. Coming soon will be a page with suggested solution recipes and an explanation for each solutions benefits and drawbacks if any exist.

Enema vs. Douche!

Sexy Enema or Douche NurseAn enema (enemas) is the procedure of injecting, or pushing fluids into the rectum and colon via the anus using a douche or enema kit.  The water or fluids filling up the lower intestinal tract, not only looses old waste but also causes a feeling of extreme urgency to go, and a complete evacuation of the lower tract.

A douche is a device used to inject or introduce a stream or jet of water into the body for medical or more commonly hygienic reasons, much like a Enema only a Douche usually refers to the vagina, but it can also refer to any body cavity.

Its generally considered that an enema has a deeper reaching and detoxifying action, where as douches are used almost exclusively for hygiene and cleansing reasons. Its important not to use the same equipment for both Enemas and Douches, as this can spread bacteria, most commonly it transfers intestinal bacteria into the vagina.

What Equipment.

Although there are enema kits and douche kits, both are generally the same, but some are specialised for each specific task or via preference. There is usually some kind of ‘nozzle’ or insert-able head with a few inches of reach, and a container or bag to hold the fluids in. Specialised Enema kits will sometimes have a length of hose or piping which is often raised a few feet up to take advantage of gravity to push the water into the bodily cavity with more force.

Why Douche or Enema ?

Douches and enemas are done for a variety of reasons such as administering certain drugs, both medical and recreational dugs, hygeine reasons are also common. There are a number of other medical reasons such as using barrium for x-rays and other scans to get a clearer image. Most commonly in the home environment for hygiene or to prepare for Anal Sex, its also fairly popular within the BDSM community as part of the play, and used to an erotic end.

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